Welcome to Care Trade International


Our  international trading company has it´s headquarter in Ras al Khaimah/United Arab Emirates (UAE) and offices in Larnaca/Cyprus and Berlin/Germany.


                                                                     We are specialized in the African Market.  


Our customers are government agencies, IGO´s (Intergovernmental Organizations), NGO´s (Nongovernmental Organizations), charity organizations, wholesalers and retailers. We have best contacts to producers and wholesalers in the industry and therefore offer our customers best possible prices and services.




Our activities


  1. Supply of all desired goods
  2. Transport by air and ship to all African destinations
  3. International contacts to architectural firms and construction companies
  4. Project management
  5. IT and telecommunication
  6. Consultancy (EU funding)




We are looking forward to your inquiries    


Your Care Trade International Team

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Care Trade International limited Alexander Schlegel CEO